• By Paul Cox - Nov 30, 2014


Not one to follow others, we in the UK appear to be embracing Cyber Monday as if our own.

Similar to Black Friday, Valentines Day and Halloween, Cyber Monday is something else we’ve adopted from the US. So where has it come from and what does it actually mean?

Well historically (if you can call since 2005 historic) Cyber Monday is a marketing event scheduled for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. The term was used by shop.com to market to customers to shop online and recieve massive discounts.

That’s it, it’s a marketing campaign plain and simple. Used promoted those online retailers who need a bit of a boost in sales as they struggle to compete against the High Street in the run up to Christmas. You know those Amazon & Ebay types.

But to be honest, after reading and watching the chaos from this years Black Friday events at
Asda & Tescos, no wonder consumers are too scared to venture out to the shops. So staying home looking for a little bargain online seems to be a smart decision.

Last year, The Guardian reported “Amazon UK orders came in at a rate of 47 items a second, racking up 4.1m sales during the day and peaking at 9.22pm on 2nd December 2013. Tesco said visits to its website were up 114% on Cyber Monday compared with a typical Monday.”

Hey if they say that it must be true. But I can confirm that store.apple.com/uk had a bargin or two to be had last year …. Tesco & Amazon eat your hearts out.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the commercialism and danger incurred by Black Friday. Being British, it isn’t our nature to jump the queue … even for a good deal. And of course by our nature I mean my nature. So browsing for a bargain in the comfort of your own home or office surely Cyber Monday has to be more civised, doesn’t it?

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